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Here at Jan's Skin Spa you will not find ten different  product lines, you will only find one. That is because I have taken the time to research what I feel is the very best for my guests.  I have proudly backed IMAGE Skincare for over 10 years and once you experience it for yourself, I am confident you will too!


We are a clinical skincare brand, powered by safe, proven ingredients and smart botanicals - for your healthiest skin... ever. Created by an aesthetician, formulated by a plastic surgeon, and represented by a network of 20,000 skincare professionals in over 52 countries worldwide. So you could say we know skin inside and out: how to protect it, what makes it healthy, and keep it younger looking. Whatever your skin’s challenge—sun damage, acne, aging, rosacea—we’ve been there and we’re here to help you Age Later.



  • Everyone deserves to have healthy, happy skin and Age Later.

  • Beautiful skin is greater than a good filter.

  • Great skincare doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars.

  • SPF is a non-negotiable.

  • We should use and love the products we create for our customers. And we do, every day.

  • Self-confidence beats a perfect selfie, always.

  • We’re among the most innovative brands in the industry—and we’ve got the clinical results to back it up.

  • In giving back. Changing lives through skin replacement is one of the most important things that we do.

  • A skincare routine shouldn’t feel like a chore.

  • Certain ingredients can overcomplicate things, so we’ve cut out what our skin doesn’t need.

  • In doing everything with intention.

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